Unravel the mystery of your fate in the Spy Comics scratch card game

If you have always been addicted to spy comics then you have a wonderful chance to bet on an online game with a mysterious spy theme so as to truly unravel the mystery of your fate in the Spy Comics scratch card game. This comic-themed online scratch card game will help you relive your childhood even while rewarding you with hefty prizes including the massive 200,000 Pound jackpot.

There is no mystery involved to reach this scintillating online scratch game since a few clicks of your computer mouse should lead you to reliable betting websites such as scratch2cash as well as primescratchcards. A few simple clicks will get you registered even as these generous websites inject juicy starting bonuses into your online account that could be used as free online scratch cards for your first few games. The game itself starts out with a scene from a traditional spy comic book that depicts a spy in a hat in corner and an attractive girl on the other corner of the screen.

At the center of the screen are 9 grey squares in the form of 3 rows and 3 columns that will need to be scratched virtually just like you might do with traditional scratch off tickets. You can unravel the mystery behind the squares by scratching them individually to reveal retro revolvers, telephones, police cars, etc. If you manage to match 3 objects correctly out of 4 scratch out squares then you will receive different amounts as prizes depending on the objects that appear on your screen. The impressive graphics as well as realistic background sound effects will truly transport you into a bygone era when comics were an integral part of your life.

The silhouettes displayed in the background along do manage to enhance the theme of the Spy Comics scratch card game and this exciting scratch to win game is also very easy to comprehend and play. You will be able to observe the amount of each bet that you have placed along with the amount that you have won on your screen itself. You can also choose the Scratch All option as well as the Autoplay option if you are unable to bear the suspense and want to speed up this thrilling scratch n win game.

The results of Spy Comics are anyway delivered instantly, which in turn adds to the fun factor since this option is much more convenient than buying lotteries that make you wait for several days before displaying the results or scratching on traditional paper scratch out tickets that require frequent traveling and also end up wasting a lot of paper. You simply need to click your way to websites such as scratch 2 cash and prime scratchcards to play this thrilling game even as your virtual winning scratch off tickets reward you with prizes that could reach as high as the 200,000 Pound jackpot prize.

If reading Spy comics has been your favorite pastime during your childhood days then you can relive those memories even as you get a chance to earn huge amounts of money while clicking yourself back into the past. You can certainly unravel the mystery of your fate in the Spy Comics scratch card game that offers mystery, fun, and huge rewards all at the same time.